Friday, March 30, 2007

Frogg & Jaycatt calendar is online!

Happy Friday! I created a Yahoo Group for our calendar, and maybe someday some pictures and files, etc. There's a message board on there that probably won't get used. The main thing is the calendar though! It shows all the upcoming public shows we know of, including any solo-only performances.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Jaycatt Piccies!

Hiya! I was taking some pictures for a friend to use as reference for the construction of a convention badge, that I thought I'd share because I thought they turned out well :)

This is me, sitting on my piano, up at a skypark Rosa built.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Monday?

Oh man, I hate Mondays... But no, I'm not a fan of lasagna either :D

Had a great weekend, very relaxing! No deadlines or pressures, just a couple of visits out into RL and some shows to attend in SL. Of course, it went by way too fast, as the weekends always do, but I actually feel rested.

That won't stop me from trying to take a short nap at lunch though, hehe.

Hmm, not much else to report, hope you all are having a nice day out there...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

A new blog post!

Hello! Yep, it's been a while since I posted, so I thought I'd write some and mention what's been going on with me... I had my birthday on Monday, the 19th, and ended up having a pretty good day! In the end, I got the best present I could ask for: surrounded by my friends, all enjoying an impromptu concert I played at the Hawthouse. Material possessions are nice when you have something you really need, but I find more joy in the sharing and caring that only others can provide... :) Yeah, that's a bit sappy lol...

I'm in kind of a sappy mood though, because the very next day I got Partnered in SL to Xankarth Wind! We've known each other since October last year, and have become really close in the last few weeks. I'm glad he offered the partnership, even though we both already felt that way towards each other anyway :D We've been having a lot of fun exploring around SL, shopping for avatars and snuggling ^^

In other news, tonight Frogg and I finally begin doing a little recording for the upcoming album, lol. Yeah, we're slackers, we admit it. Lately I've been treating my free time like big cities treat new freeways: you don't clear up road congestion (or free time) by building freeways, as more cars (and activities) will just fill up the space anyway. I really don't enjoy living by a schedule, but there's just so much I want to accomplish each day and not let slide. It sucks that I always feel like I'm needing to watch the clock and rush off to the next thing on my list, but ah well... The alternative is letting it all slide, and that's worse in the long run.

The plus side to taking most of the month off, is that I've really been looking forward to the Friday shows. I've just had the most fun on those nights, especially when we're at the Amphibicatt stage. It's just fun; like playing Frisbee in the park is fun ^^

Anyway, I'll talk more at ya later, hope you're enjoying the blog. I try to keep it non-angsty, I promise! hehe

Friday, March 16, 2007


The playlist for the Secondlife Convention in Chicago in August has been released!! It looks like Frogg and I will once again be playing at the convention! Woo hoo!! We have formed a group with Cylindrian (who we also got to play with last year), Flaming Moe (an amazing saxophone player) and Liam Roark (a very cool bass player I can't wait to work with!). We have all met, except Moe, so it should be really easy to form a cool group dynamic and produce some amazing musics.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kinda busy :)

Sorry for no recent blog posts, been kind of busy... The house lowering party went GREAT, and now we're in the new HawtHouse v2.0! Yay :D I'll post pictures at some point maybe. No shows currently, except for Friday, but I've been attending the AmphibiCatt shows for fun. Ugh, so tired though... Once again trying to do too much in too little time and not realizing I need me time... Don't worry though, folks, I'm working on it! Just need to be less accommodating and learn to put my foot down (paw?) :D

hehe Talk to ya later!

Friday, March 09, 2007


I had to post this picture, which I recently rediscovered, and is my favorite sample of Engrish (mistranslated Japanese english). It just makes me go: "Hmm, yeah! I just wonder!"

Happy Friday!

It feels weird getting to play piano tonight after being off all week! But that's cool, cause I've been having fun keeping busy with other things :D Still, really looking forward to tonight, and hope some of you are too! Tonight Frogg and I are back at the Amphibicatt stage. For a few hours before the show I plan to DJ a little music; part of a huge collection of a cappella songs I ordered from a website (12 CDs!!). It's so difficult to find a cappella anywhere these days, that when I saw a "best of college a cappella" collection spanning 1995-2005, I had to get one :D

Hope you're all having a good Friday... I know mine started out great, and so far is turning out well!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Last night went well!

Moe's concert was a success! We had a nice crowd, and Moe even went over the hour for a few songs. Thanks again Moe!

Slow day for me today, really... But I'm not complaining! Tonight I may actually be out of SL for a while, so I can cook some dinner and watch a little TV with the Frogg man. Looking forward to it! Haven't had a non-reheated meal in a while, and there's nothing like watching a movie or TV with a friend :)

Hope you all are having a good day too, mine is starting to shape up! I finished a couple of projects at work that were nagging me (internally, for not doing them), and I get to visit a friend over lunch too! She may even make me an omelette! hehe

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Moe tonight!

First show at the AmphibiCatt tonight, Flaming Moe! It starts at 5pm, which is when I get off work, so I will be logging in from work and just extending my commute home until after the show. Looking forward to it, I hope it goes well!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Lusk performances in March!

But wait, there's more! Here are the list of performers who will be playing in the Lusk/Perry area, courtesy of Gog Gremlin!

March 10th 4PM PST - Alazarin Mondrian
March 16th 8PM PST - Louis Voliare
March 17th 1PM PST - Mel Cheeky
March 25th 5PM PST - Patrick LaSalle
March 31st 4PM PST - Redzone

I'm really excited to get to hear them all again :) I haven't heard much of Alazarin, but want to, and have never heard of Redzone, just that they're very good! Be sure to stop by if you can for a listen yourself!

Concerts at Amphibicatt

In case you are curious, here are the dates and times of the different performers I am having at the AmphibiCatt Gardens in Lingmell/Black Mire this month. Keep in mind, I'm just doing this for the month, it's not an on-going thing! Live music in SL needs to be encouraged as much as possible, and since Frogg and I aren't playing many shows this month, I felt this would be a wonderful way to use the normally empty stage and give back to the live music community :)

March 6th 5PM-6PM - Flaming Moe
March 8th 5PM-6PM - Charles Coleman
March 9th 7PM-9PM - Frogg & Jaycatt
March 10th 1PM-2PM - Mel Cheeky
March 11th 5PM-6PM - Melvin Took
March 13th 6PM-7PM - Spaceman Opus
March 18th 5PM-6PM - Lyndon Heart
March 23rd 7PM-9PM - Frogg & Jaycatt
March 24rd 1PM-2PM - Patrick LaSalle
March 28th 8PM-9PM - Louis Volare
March 30th 7PM-9PM - Frogg & Jaycatt
March 31st 6PM-7PM - Heath Elvehjem

Happy Monday, how was your weekend?

Hey there folks! Had a nice relaxing mostly-no-music weekend. What a switch! I got to lounge around on Saturday and Sunday, doing a little laundry and catching up on my social SL time. Just loved every minute of it...

The concert at Lusk went amazingly well! I think at one point we had 100 people listening, wow! Everyone was really nice and helpful, and there were some wonderful comments and conversation going on during the show. I thoroughly enjoy myself in the Lusk area, and I believe a happy time was had by all! The venue crosses over Perry and Lusk, and about 5 minutes before the end of the show the Lusk sim crashed, but it had been up for 2 hours for us, so I think it handled the load very well :)

Had dinner with my sister on Saturday at a really nice BBQ place I had never tried before. Some excellent BBQ sauces; one that was vinegar based and more like a marinade. But oh boy, was it good!

On Sunday I had another dinner (gotta get back to my diet hehe) with my friend Nancy at the 6th Street Grill here in town. Good food, and I'll have to go there with my sis one of these days!

And tonight I'm headed out with another friend for a meal and to watch some old episodes of Wings (a fun old sitcom from a while back).

Friday, March 02, 2007


Thank god it's furry Friday :D

Two of my favorite things, playing a Friday show, and playing a Luskwood show, are combined today! I just want to add a shot of whiskey and perhaps a snack and I've found my perfect evening.

Very special thanks go out to Gog and Dougal (along with quite a few others!) for building the houseboat venue we get to play on tonight. Also I thank the Luskwood founders, Michi, Liam, eltee, and Arito, for making it all possible to be there in the first place!