Tuesday, March 14, 2017

May as well update :)

Hello!  Well, it's been a long time, hasn't it?

Just over a nasty flu I picked up on a trip to Canada, so I'll be somewhat brief.  Had a great time up in Canada, by the way, with a stay at the Empress in Victoria on Vancouver Island.  I've been to Victoria many, many times in the past, but have never actually stayed at this hotel, and I must say it was a bucket list experience for me to experience it and the high tea they serve there.

Hunter and I are doing quite well, and are celebrating what we consider our 10th anniversary, coming up this November.  We were actually only legally married as of 2014, but we like to set our anniversary on the day we became engaged, because we probably would have been married much earlier if we had been allowed.  He's not working at Cabela's any more, and has instead been the perfect "house husband" doing all the things I really don't have much time for since I'm in a full time job.  It is quite a deal for me, although he does get bored from time to time and wishes he had more disposable income.

My father did finally pass away in March 2015, and so began the legal dealings of his estate (which finally wrapped up in December 2015).  In 2016, we put his house on the market, and my sister and I were finally able to sell it just late last year, in December 2016.  Speaking of houses, I finally moved from my house on Keller in 2015 as well, and in August of that year moved just a few miles north to a spot with a bit more space.  It has been a lovely place, with a more quiet neighborhood and an actual dining table.

My friend Jeremy (Frogg) has discovered a love in New Zealand, and has been there for almost seven months, and is expecting to emigrate there soon!  Who would have believed that, 10 years ago?  I wish him all the best, because I know what it means now to have a love in your life, and I wouldn't give it up for anything now.  It took me 36 years, but I finally came around!

Even with Frogg in New Zealand, we are still playing music shows in Second Life, and for me, it's pretty much the same experience.  However, for Frogg, from his point of view he's playing a series of solo shows, as due to the stream delay he can't hear what I'm doing unless he listens to the recording later. 

My good friend Debbie (Rosa) has also found love online, and got married a year or two ago to a wonderful man from Pennsylvania, and due our friendship she has moved near me, living practically two blocks away!  Hunter and I invite them over for dinner almost once a week, and we have a good time visiting, eating, and playing games afterwards.

Well, there goes my promise of being brief.  Take care everyone, will post again the next time I remember "Hey, I have a blog!"