Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall is here and other ruminations by a siamese :D

Yes, it's fall around Oregon, and that means the leaves are changing and the weather's getting colder. I love the cold weather, and I can't wait to be bundled up in wear sweaters and such (as I think I look good in sweaters).

So what's been going on with me? Let's see...

Hunter and I had a great time up at the convention in Seattle. Got to finally see a medium-sized convention, and it was a lot of fun. It's so rare you run into other furs, that it's quiet a treat to see so many in one place. Sort of liberating, really, because you realize you're not the minority you think you are the rest of the year. Got to see quite a few of the local Eugene furs there, and that was awesome too. Also got to meet some of Hunter's friends, and we even did a little port and cheese and chocolate thing in the hotel room with two of them, which was really nice.

The local weekly, the Eugene Weekly, did an article on fetishes recently (seen here). Although they did a good job of mentioning that furries exist, they only focused on the sexual aspects some have. I wrote my first letter to the editor ever (seen here) so I could remind folks that just because someone labels themselves a furry, doesn't necessarily mean they are into the whole sex furvert part. I mean, yes, I've got my own kinks like everyone, but they're not furry related :D

On a similar topic, I'm really interested to see the new Where The Wild Things Are movie, partly because I grew up with the book, but also partly for the description of the movie. I've heard that it's a tribute to childhood for adults, which intrigues me. Also, part of my attraction to the furry fandom is my desire for simple joys unfettered by the intellectual trappings that tend to bog down the real emotion behind what people enjoy doing. No, not sex, but more a feeling of belonging and safety, or a feeling of closeness and comfort. I really hope the movie delivers, but I'm sure I'm setting myself up for being railroaded again by Hollywood ;)

There's a new trip on the horizon that I didn't mention below. I finally get to see Las Vegas! Here's the story of how it came to be: Hunter's folks really want to treat us to a trip, and they've been trying to take us on a cruise to Mexico for some time. There are a few problems with this, the major of which is that I'd need to take 6 days off work in a row, which I really can't do and still have time leftover for being sick or other emergencies, and also that we just don't like Carnival's cruises, and would be pretty bored just trying not to spend money on the trip. Sure, people think cruises are pretty exciting and wonderful, but they don't tell you that everything costs money except the food and regular coffee. So, even though his folks would be paying for the airfare and cruise room and everything, we'd still need a good portion of money just to not be sitting in the room watching movies (which we can do here in town). So, Hunter suggested instead that we meet for a few days in Vegas, which would be cheaper and take less time. They said yes! So, I'm very excited :D Hunter's an old hand in Vegas, and knows the town pretty well, having grown up in LA and driving there off and on. It'll be taking place over the Christmas holiday, so it's not too long now even! And afterwards, less than a week later, we go to the Umpqua yurt for New Years! Talk about a change of scene :D I'm also looking forward to the relaxing time we'll have there, as we've been planning it for months!

Time really flies, and at the end of this month, Hunter and I will be celebrating our two year anniversary. I am still so ecstatic to be with him, and he makes a joy of my life every day we are together. We're planning on exchanging some light gifts during the brunch at Valley River Inn, which is a bit spendy but absolutely the best brunch I've had (until I get to Vegas, Hunter tells me!)

Well, that's about all the time I have for now, and news too! Have a good fall everyone, post to you later!


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