Friday, July 10, 2009

The Comfy Chair

We all love that feeling of your favorite comfy chair, and I've recently discovered that's how I feel about my relationship, too! Let me explain with a little story...

About six years ago, I was asked with my coworker and friend Nancy to look for a recliner to use in our work's break room. We went that afternoon to a number of furniture stores, trying out recliners. I think we must have sat in over 40 of them, total. But finally, we arrived at an oversized blue/green recliner (picture is above). I remember when I sat in it, I had a feeling of peace; a sort of instant relaxation, like slipping into a hot shower. Nancy agreed, and we ended up getting the chair.

Since then, the office space has moved around, but the chair has kept with us, and I often sneak up during lunch for a quick nap. I am not generally known to nap sitting up, but there's something about the comfort of this chair that does it for me. Also, it reclines into an almost flat bed-like position; ideal for sleeping.

Anyway, I've recently noticed that the moment I even enter the room the chair is in, just the thought of being able to sit in it brings a wave of relaxation to me. Then, as I sit down, I just about sigh with relief and have a tough time not sleeping right then.

The point of this story leads me to last night. Hunter wanted to leave the TV on, when it was time for me to go to bed, because he wasn't yet tired, and the TV helps him sleep. I mentioned that I would have trouble falling asleep, since I focus on the dialog, and can't tune it out as white noise. He responded back by saying, "But hon, you fall asleep all the time when we're watching TV together." I realized he was right, but there was a difference. In the times that has happened, we've been snuggling. And then it hit me: Snuggling with my partner provides the exact same feeling as the office chair I love, back at work. All the cares, worries, and tension just drains away, allowing me to make any outside annoyance become white noise.

If someone had told me about this when I started this blog, I wouldn't have believed them. "That's stuff for the romance books," I would have said, "That doesn't actually happen... I can think of plenty of things a person would worry about snuggling: 'Am I crushing their arm', 'What if I want to get up', 'Am I squeezing too hard', et cetera." I'm very happy to find out that's completely untrue.

I hope you all have someone special in your lives that provides the same result!


At 7/11/2009 4:04 AM, Blogger Rosa Rambles said...

Hooray for your happiness Kitty! I'm so pleased to read you've found and continue to enjoy that marvelous joy in your life! Great post ;)


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