Friday, June 05, 2009

Just another update :)

First, sorry I haven't been keeping this journal up to date lately. Guess I've just been busy with other things. :) But Hunter's out of town this week, visiting his folks in LA, so I thought I'd use some of the extra time to write to anyone who follows the blog.

Things have been going better than expected with the cats. About a week or so ago, we decided to get both their claws trimmed and let them start interacting. At first, Samantha would tear off after him at first sight; cornering him on top of a chair and hissing at him until she got tired of that and sulked off. But now, she notices him, and only if he gets close or tries to pass does he get the hiss treatment. She's even letting him into the bedroom where she sleeps, as long as he keeps to himself (which he does quite nicely). So, they seem to be co-existing in that way, well enough. However, he has a habit of behaving like a normal cat, which is to eat her food when she's not looking. Samantha typically eats a bit at a time, not right away, so this has been a little problematic. We're still locking him away in his room at nightfall: partly to let her have the comfort of going down to eat without him around, and also to keep them from potentially fighting in the middle of the night. None of us want to get woken up by angry kitties :D

And the birds in the eaves have finally hushed! I researched how to do it and the starlings in the attic are gone :) An exterminator came out with some much better covers for the attic vents and sealed it all back up. Frogg is extremely happy, and they were always directly above his window and would wake him up every morning. He even has a song about it, that I can't remember the title of at this moment.

Another great news item: Frogg and I have been asked to play at the Florence, Oregon Sunday market on June 14th from 1PM-2:30PM! It'll be the longest time we've played in public (1.5 hours) so far. Sure, we've played at our local block party, but that's not the same. I hope it goes well, I'm really looking forward to a long stint at the piano in public! Frogg says we should make up a set list, which we've never done before... Sounds good to me!

The Luskwood "first Friday of the month" shows are also going very well. I can't believe we've been playing there over a year now! Tonight is another of those nights, and I'm really looking forward to it. They are a great audience, and the organizers and people who help out couldn't be better. :)

That's all for now, hope to write more sooner!


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