Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays folks :)

Just letting you all know of my plans, which are fortunately sparse!

Tonight, a good friend, Joel, will be taking Frogg, Hunter and I out to a wonderful meal at the Oregon Electric Station. Excellent food, and I always love eating there!

On Christmas Eve, Hunter and I will be headed with my Dad over to my sister's place, for a dinner there. I'm making some wonderful mashed potatoes, and Hunter and I will be making some little appetizer thingies out of Parmesan cheese.

Christmas morning, Hunter and I got each other some little gifts to open on the morning, in front of the little tree we bought. It'll really be Hunter's first Christmas, as he's been raised Jewish and normally celebrates Hanukkah. We are still celebrating that, as well, which I find very interesting! He purchased a Menorah over the weekend, and Sunday night we lit the first candle. :) I find it all very interesting and such, so I'm glad he wanted to celebrate it as well.

Have a happy holiday season out there, just in case I forget to write on Christmas day!


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