Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All may not be lost :)

Well, I just got back from Nancy's house, and collected a very large amount of backup data. Granted there might not be a whole lot on CD post-2006 (when I helped her get a new PC and back up the old one), but still, wonderful to have something!

Also, I discovered her old camera, which has about 159 pictures on it, from April 2008 to when it broke. After that, she had borrowed my camera, and so technically between the two I should be able to get all the pictures from April 2008 to current! And, I just reminded myself that when we did the new PC, we copied the contents of the picture folder over to Kenneth's PC (the one he's still using) so a backup may exist there as well. Whew! Well, after I see what I have with all the backup CDs, I'll be able to check out that other PC and see if I can fill in any gaps. I certainly hope so! The pictures are the most valuable part of it all, really...


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