Monday, October 13, 2008

Just your average update

Hey there everyone! Just had a moment and thought I'd fill you all in on current goings on. I haven't actually been up to a lot, except working around the house and catching up on some much neglected video games and stuff like that. Cleaned out the kitchen garden area yesterday, as the zucchinis and squash have all withered and dried up. Looks a bit nicer out there now. I talk to Hunter pretty much every day in chat, and occasionally on the phone too. It really does help to hear his voice, and it especially helps to be chatting like we are. It's still very lonely around the house. Frogg is there, of course, and we talk and such like we always have when things are quiet and before/during/after shows, but it's not the kind of relationship I have with Hunter, obviously ;)

Hunter's doing okay down in LA, for the most part. Also lonely like I am, but in a few days his folks will return and he'll have more company, for which I'm grateful. It's funny how if you have a lot of friends and family, you wish for peace and quiet, and a place to be by yourself. But once you have that, you realize it's actually pretty boring and dull, and it was the interactions with others that made you feel the most alive.

I managed to make it to the Home and Garden show Saturday, which was kind of fun to walk around and see the exhibits, and then out for lunch with my friend Joel. Then we had our usual shows, and Sunday I wasn't feelin' too hot so I stayed home and did some light cleaning and cooking.

Tonight Frogg's out at his guitar lesson (he gives them to kids when he can!) and I'll be cooking up large batches of chicken to use on salads and sammiches the upcoming weeks to save money :D Tuesday we have a show, and then Wednesday I'm hoping to stop by and see a good friend of mine who lives south of me (if she's feeling okay, hi Nancy!).

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well enough considering the change in seasons. I certainly love the cooler weather!


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