Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bike changes!

The bikes were working out pretty well, but the one Hunter got was skipping gears on its own, so last night we went and replaced it with a nicer bike (not too much more) that had a better gear system. So, a word to the wise for people considering purchasing a bicycle: Sure, that $129 jobbie you see at the Wal-Mart looks like a good deal, but consider the shifter! The "dial" shifters, that are connected to the handlebars, tend to be imprecise when shifting, which makes it easy to be "between" gears, causing the bike to shift one way or the other based on how far the dial is over to one number or the next. We ended up switching to a bike that has clickers for the gears... Push the lever down, and it clicks to the next number. Much smoother, and much more control.

Here's looking forward to many more bike rides!


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