Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The continuing upkeep of cats :)

Hi there! Had a fairly good relaxing four days off, but back to work today.

However, on Saturday, had another scare with the cat last Saturday... She started exhibiting all the signs she had previously had when Hunter and I took her in to the vet. Panting, straining to try to poop, just like before. Last time, I waited a day and a half before taking her in, because it was a weekend and I couldn't call.. This time, however, the vet wouldn't have been open until Tuesday, so I didn't feel comfortable having her wait a full two to three days.

About 10PM on Saturday was when we noticed the behavior, and so I called them and they said, "if she's panting, she should be brought in." I was, of course, trying to save costs, and the emergency vet normally ends up costing quite a bundle. So we raced down there, and it was so busy with other emergencies, we didn't get to leave for home until probably 1:40AM. When all was said and done, she got her antibiotic and liver helper pills back, and she's on them again. Total cost was only about $220, too!

The worst part of it all though, was that of the five families that brought their pets in (including us), we were the only ones to leave with ours. :( So we basically sat while the other more important cases were being talked to, and put to sleep. I just can't imagine working in a place like that. So much sorrow, and I'm just way too empathic. We were both very glad to be on our way home, with the cat, and I cherish every minute I have with her after that ordeal. In fact, she's going in today for some blood work at the regular vet, which the emergency one suggested. It'll cost a bit less at the regular vet, and they said it could wait, so that's good. The last two days, she's been up bouncing around and seems to have recovered nicely, whew.

I realize eventually I'll need to get another pet. Samantha is 13 years old, at least, and you can't prolong life indefinitely. But as long as the vet promises she'll be her normal self after a treatment, I plan to continue doing them. However, once she passes on, I am thinking I might not only get another cat, but also a puppy, so the two can grow up together and keep each other company. Hunter just loves dogs, and takes extremely good care of them, so I think it would be special to have both. I'm, of course, more of a cat person, but I do also like dogs, especially ones that I have grown up with.

That may still be a while away, though, but it's certainly on my mind lately.


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