Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Up to the usual

Hiya readers :) Not a whole lot going on, but I thought I'd at least write something...

Things are business as usual at home. Hunter and I finished up Doctor Who (the 2005 series and up at least), attempted to get into Torchwood (and failed) and are now watching a mix of Monty Python's Flying Circus and Blackadder. I've seen both, many times, but Hunter hasn't really seen MPFC much.

Haven't had a whole lot of offers for music shows in Second Life, so for the moment Frogg and I are just playing the regular Friday 7-9PM show and the Saturday 7-8PM show. Occasionally there are a few extras, too, but not as much as there have been. I did get Frogg set up on CDBaby so that eventually he can have his songs on iTunes, Amazon, and other outlets. If it goes well I'll put my album up there too. Still no work on the duets album, unfortunately. We really need to get into a recording studio to properly do it. I am happy releasing a "live" album, but I think Frogg would prefer something more polished. We have been working on a few new songs, covers though. Frogg and I both sing on "Sounds of Silence", and I play piano along with his "Chasing Cars" cover. I've learned "Fred Jones Part 2", a Ben Folds Five song, which was recommended to me by the loverly Michi Lumin from Luskwood. It really got inside my head, after listening to it, so playing it is the only way to really get that itch to feel it satisfied :D

Frogg and I already play a song from the Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog, "Freeze Ray", but I hope we learn more someday. I recently picked up the DVD of the album, and the musical commentary is fantastic and brilliant. It's currently my "What's in Jaycatt's Head?" answer, as I can't seem to shake humming one of the many good songs in it.

I've also been playing a lot of Mob Wars on Facebook (I'm on Facebook as Marc lePine, if you're interested in adding me as a friend there!). I am really enjoying Facebook. At first I figured it was just like Myspace, which I really don't care for, but it's quite a bit more refined and a lot of fun to watch friends on.

Hunter and I had a good time at the Casablanca showing, and discovered that there are more older movies being played there, too! See the bottom of the previous link there to see the upcoming list. Tonight is "Raiders of the Lost Ark", which I think I saw in the theater (it came out when I was 10), and it's one of Hunter's favorite movies. So we'll be going to see that :D I also hope to see Groundhog Day on the 4th of February, and maybe Sixteen Candles and hopefully Holy Grail when it comes there later in the spring :)

That's about all for now, take care out there, hope you are all having a nice weekend!


At 1/08/2009 7:45 AM, Blogger Mister Crap said...

I added it to the Tunes inSL Gallery.

After opening up the project to all online sales sites due to performer/customer demand, should I add your solo album as well?


At 1/21/2009 12:34 AM, Blogger Mel Cheeky said...

I have a song recommendation:

Five for fighting - I just love you. Your keys would sound amazing and Froggy would totally rock with the vocals.



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