Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy upcoming new year!

Hey ya folks! I hope you all are ready for the new year! I think I am, as much as I can be... For me, it's just a date that I get off work, as I try not to give it any real importance in terms of resolutions and stuff. New Year's Eve, Hunter and I will be going to see Casablanca on the big screen at the local theater. Should be a blast: I love to see old movies on the big screen, and Hunter's never seen it before. Well, like everyone, he knows the plot and a majority of the famous lines, but seeing the movie is a different thing. I think it's pretty timeless, myself. I was having this discussion with him last night. I believe a lot of older movies are considered classics not because of the story they told, but because of the technical aspects of it and the actors used. A lot of older films have been remade, with the remake being better than the original. However, Casablanca I feel differently about. This is a movie that is best exactly as it was filmed. A remake of Casablanca would never be as good as the original. I dunno, I guess it's just timeless to me. The first time I watched it, I never got bogged down in "Oh, this is an old movie, that's why *blank* isn't as good as it could be", etc. And that's my rant on old movies, hehe...

Afterwards, we plan to watch one of the New Years countdowns together with a bottle of Asti. I discovered I liked Asti on our last vacation together. This will be a fun New Years, because Hunter's first visit to Eugene was over New Years, so this will be our second one together. Yay!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays folks :)

Just letting you all know of my plans, which are fortunately sparse!

Tonight, a good friend, Joel, will be taking Frogg, Hunter and I out to a wonderful meal at the Oregon Electric Station. Excellent food, and I always love eating there!

On Christmas Eve, Hunter and I will be headed with my Dad over to my sister's place, for a dinner there. I'm making some wonderful mashed potatoes, and Hunter and I will be making some little appetizer thingies out of Parmesan cheese.

Christmas morning, Hunter and I got each other some little gifts to open on the morning, in front of the little tree we bought. It'll really be Hunter's first Christmas, as he's been raised Jewish and normally celebrates Hanukkah. We are still celebrating that, as well, which I find very interesting! He purchased a Menorah over the weekend, and Sunday night we lit the first candle. :) I find it all very interesting and such, so I'm glad he wanted to celebrate it as well.

Have a happy holiday season out there, just in case I forget to write on Christmas day!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Caught Frogg's throat cold... As he has already experienced, it mainly just makes you tired with a scratchy throat and the deep vocal qualities of Barry White. Probably will try to abstain from singing tomorrow at Luskwood.

Used up my vacation time earlier this week on actual vacation, so I can't go home sick... Waah! Well, the trip to the yurt was fun though, and had been scheduled a couple of months in advance with no way of changing it.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

End of an Era

Well, today we took down the old Hawthouse... Remember earlier in my blog, when it went up? Gosh, that was almost exactly two years ago. Times have changed since then, that's for sure! Back then, I had a lot more time to spend online and in SL. Also, I had a lot more money back then. :D

Lately though, most people I know (including myself) just haven't been in SL too much. I'm still spending $125 a month for SecondLife, and that seems excessive to me when I'm pinching pennies everywhere else in life. So, this is all part of consolidating and getting down to the next tier level: $75 a month.

We're keeping the Coastal house, and the land surrounding it, which now includes my yurt, Rosa/Patrick's skybox and studio, and will eventually include Sporked/Chatty's skybox too. My sister's skyclub has been up there for a while.

Kind of sad, taking down the old place... Lots of wonderful memories there. I collected the old Time Capsule, and will be placing it back under the Coastal place. The Coastal place will be the new Hawthouse, as it's smaller and takes up less prims.

Thanks to all my friends involved in the Hawthouse over the last couple of years; you're wonderful, each and every one of you :) I hope you'll stop by the new place (still in Lingmell, but in the opposite corner) and visit from time to time, as everyone is welcome!

Don't forget, there's a 5th year rez-day party going on for Rosa there from 5-8PM on Sunday the 14th!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Holiday wrap up ;)

Had a good time over the holidays... Hunter's friend Jaffa visited, and he was a nice guy and a great houseguest. We went hiking up on Spencer's Butte on Thanksgiving, then went to see a movie on Friday. Saturday, Hunter and Jaffa went to the coast while I stayed home to take care of house stuff, and Sunday we went to the zoo in Portland before dropping him back off at the airport. Fun times were had by all! :D