Friday, January 21, 2011

Things are settling down...

Whew! Well, a couple of weeks ago, my sister and I, along with a lot of help from friends, moved our father to the new addition at her house. Aside from a few bumps in his mood and agitation along the way, I think we managed pretty well, and I'm proud to say that a few weeks later he seems to be settled in. He's actually enjoying it there, compared to living in the old place on the hill.

Now, my job has been to get the old place spiffed up (it had 5 cats and a man not capable of cleaning well). I've got Marshall's HVAC service coming out today to fix the heat pump, and next week I plan to get the floor cleared off for Stanley Steamer to come out and clean the whole floor, top to bottom (it's got two stories) :D

I still think my sister's job is harder: taking care of Dad. However, she has help in the form of a professional caregiver, who takes care of him during the day, and she come back at night with the nursing know-how to help as well. He's pretty well cared for!

Anyway, that's the big news for now. Nice to know he's coping, and it's been nostalgic as I clear out junk and things in the old house. Mainly the kitchen, which has a bunch of over two year old spices and jars that really shouldn't be used. He's got a small garbage can, so it will take quite a while to get it all dealt with.