Monday, July 28, 2008

Samantha doing great!

Hi there! Just wanted to let you all know that Samantha the cat is doing just great now :) She's back on her feet and eating, meowing, and everything, just like she always has! She does have to take a liver pill once a day for a month, and an antibiotic each morning for a couple of weeks, but then should be fine.

Thanks goes out to my father, sister, and friend Joel for also helping me out with the vet fees. :) It's wonderful to have such caring people surrounding me. You are all in my thoughts!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Downsize Life

Hi there, just keeping you all posted as to what's going on with me. Well, it hasn't been too great, actually. Last Monday, Samantha the housecat started having terrible trouble with cramps and not being able to eat or drink. So on Tuesday we took her into the vet. She was severely dehydrated and had a little liver disease, so they have been keeping her at the vet hospital for the last two nights. The upside is that she seems to be doing better and will be coming home today (hopefully, still waiting to actually hear from the vet). The downside is that the bill will be upwards of $1000. I don't really have that kind of money as it is, and that will pretty much max out my credit card, so I'm forced to liquidate some things to come up with the funds. First to go is a collection of DS and PSP games that I don't play much anymore. Second though is parts of Second Life. Owning land in SL costs me about $195 a month in tier fees. So, I'm actively figuring out what lands I can sell to get that cost down. Plus, the income from the land sales should help quite a bit towards the total, depending on how much I can get from them.

I do plan on keeping the Hawthouse and Ampbihicatt Gardens, as well as my little 512 plot in Lusk, but otherwise I hope to cash the rest in. Part of the Hawthouse may even have to go (it's quite large, really). We'll see... I'm not doing anything permenant at the moment with that land; I have plenty to be selling in the meantime, so don't feel you need to remove anything until still gets sorted out. Just letting you all know!

Other than that, there's not a whole lot going on... Got some shows coming up, and my sister coming to dinner on Sunday (which should be fun).

Talk to you later! I'll keep you posted on Samantha too :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Life... it just keeps moving right along!

Hi there folks, nothing really happening lately, but I thought I'd fill you in.

Well, so Rosa left last Wednesday, so I was a bit sad that day... However, I've got lots of memories of the stuff we got to do together to keep me going. Rosa and Hunter got along really well, which was very cool, as we spent most of the time together, the three of us. The highlight of the visit was our trip to the Oregon coast. We spent some time at the beach near the Haceta Head lighthouse, and drove around looking at the sights. The second day we did make it up to Fort Stevens, and that was a lot of fun, but quite a drive back that night. Must have been four hours in the car, whew. So, Tuesday, the day before she left, we took it easy at home. Nothing wrong with that, and it was very relaxing. She's up visiting friends in Seattle at the moment, and due back soon I believe!

In other news, Hunter's birthday is tomorrow :D Yeee! I've got a special meal planned, plus some little presenty things ;) Luckily, I just got them today, so I haven't had to keep him in suspense forever :D

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Yay houseguests!

Hi there! Today is the day! Rosa arrives about 2PM today at the train station, and I can hardly wait. I'm really looking forward to getting to spend some time with her again, and Frogg and Hunter are too! We have some plans, but not a ton :)

Tonight, Shady Fox and I are starting up the radio comedy/drama series, Canadia: 2056, so we'll be in SL listening to that.

Friday the 4th we will be making some food to take over to my Dad's house, to watch the fireworks and spend some time there. Around here it doesn't get dark enough for fireworks until close to 10PM(!!) so we might be late coming home :D

On Saturday, the Art and the Vineyard is going on, so we'll probably swing by that and see the artwork and try a little wine perhaps :)

Sunday, Hunter and Rosa and I head to the coast, stopping at Mo's for some nice food, then touring up the coast to Lincoln City, where we will stay in a rental overnight.

Monday we'll head up the rest of the coast, up north to Astoria and the Fort Stevens park. Should be a really fun time! I love the coast, and showing it off. Hunter hasn't been that far north either, so it'll be new for both!

On Tuesday, there are really no plans, just relaxing, maybe looking around town...

Wednesday morning Rosa heads back up to Seattle on the train for more adventures up there!