Monday, March 05, 2007

Concerts at Amphibicatt

In case you are curious, here are the dates and times of the different performers I am having at the AmphibiCatt Gardens in Lingmell/Black Mire this month. Keep in mind, I'm just doing this for the month, it's not an on-going thing! Live music in SL needs to be encouraged as much as possible, and since Frogg and I aren't playing many shows this month, I felt this would be a wonderful way to use the normally empty stage and give back to the live music community :)

March 6th 5PM-6PM - Flaming Moe
March 8th 5PM-6PM - Charles Coleman
March 9th 7PM-9PM - Frogg & Jaycatt
March 10th 1PM-2PM - Mel Cheeky
March 11th 5PM-6PM - Melvin Took
March 13th 6PM-7PM - Spaceman Opus
March 18th 5PM-6PM - Lyndon Heart
March 23rd 7PM-9PM - Frogg & Jaycatt
March 24rd 1PM-2PM - Patrick LaSalle
March 28th 8PM-9PM - Louis Volare
March 30th 7PM-9PM - Frogg & Jaycatt
March 31st 6PM-7PM - Heath Elvehjem


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