Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy Monday! (food and diet guilt on the brain)

Wait... what? Yeah, I said it! Every day is a happy day, when you don't think about all the time you have to spend at work, while the life you want to live is on hold. Oh my, that was a bit snarky wasn't it? hehe

Not looking forward to lunch, which is just a caeser salad. I really need to start getting better at eating healthier. I did a pretty good job, once upon a time, when doctor's orders had me on a mostly fat-free, low-salt diet, exercising every other day on the bike. I did it for three months, went back in, and the doc said "Well, looks like you can lower your blood pressure through diet after all, so we won't be starting you on medications." I just went "hooray!" and um, went back to my old teenage eating habits. I've been a bad boy though, and sucking down hamburgers and other fast food. I'm a sucker for temptation, and I know SO many reasons to break a diet that it's just not funny. I can pretty much rationalize anything, dammit. :D

What I really need, is to get back to cooking my own food. It's amazing, when you look at the packaging, how much junk is in processed food. It's loads easier to prepare and eat, but at what cost, I guess. During those months "getting in shape" for the doctor's test, I made a pretty good diet though:

Breakfast = Juice and granola bar (plus 2-3 chocolate covered coffee beans in place of a full cup of coffee with creamer).
Lunch = Salad with sliced chicken and a fairly low-fat dressing.
Dinner = Broiled chicken breast with baked potato (butter substitute) and salad.

Snacks = cut up veggies with low-fat ranch, or rice krispie squares (rice krispie squares are actually not as bad as a candy bar, but still provide the same mmmmm factor!)

This regiment worked really well, coupled with vitamins. Sometimes I'd make the juice one of those vitamin enriched ones. And the leftover dinner chicken, I just slice up for salads for lunch the next day.

Anyway, I really need to get back to do that. My time after work has just been so busy lately, with playing shows, and keeping up with RL responsibilities.


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