Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My upcoming trip, part two...

So, after a two hour drive on Sunday, we'll reach one of my favorite places in the world. Actually, it may just be my favorite place in the world. I'm talking about Yellow Point Lodge, near Ladysmith on the island. It's a very interesting place, for a number of reasons. Meals are served three times a day: breakfast is made to order from just about any typical breakfast foods, lunch is usually a buffet line with soup, salad, and some type of hot dish (meatballs, spaghetti, etc), and dinner is a sit down meal where they bring out pre-made plates of food (such as turkey, with potatoes, and a green, etc). They own the whole peninsula, and there is no TV or phones around except for one pay phone, and a TV they keep under wraps unless it's of major importance (natural disasters, etc). There are lodge rooms, and also cabins. My father and I each have a cabin, and they have electricity and woodstoves. The woodstoves keep things much warmer, as the cabins aren't really insulated. I just love the place... There's not much else to do but walk on the trails, read, nap, and eat. I, of course, am bringing the laptop (lol) but probably will just be using it to listen to music, as I don't think there's any wireless connections around there.

Here's some pictures my father took of my stuffed bunny Flopsy, on an adventure to there.

Here are some wonderful panoramas I made of the place: Outside the lodge, inside the lodge on the top floor, inside the lodge on the lower floor. It's not normally as sunny and nice as it is in the first panorama. Inside the lodge, you'll see the big fireplace, which I just love to sit in front of and read. I don't normally drink tea, but I like to grab a cup because it's handy for when I read. The lunch buffet is also visible there. Behind it, you can barely see a black piano. The first floor usually has people quietly reading and classical music playing, so I will probably be on the downstairs piano most of the time. It's a cute little thing, but still a lot of fun to play!


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