Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My upcoming trip, part one...

Okay, so where will I be during this time? Used to be, we'd spend the entire week at a place called the Yellow Point Lodge (more on that later), but lately we've been using the other half of the week to rent a place with a kitchen so we can cook some of our own meals, and for variety.

We used to drive up to Vancouver Island, which is about 12 hours, not counting for the US/Canada border crossing time. Yes, there's a ferry trip in there too, of about two hours. However, since neither of us feel much like driving that distance (and making the return trip in a week) we are flying for about 3.5 hours. Should be very strange, as we've driven all these years and never flown in before.

This year, we picked a spot right in Victoria called the "Thunderbird Suite". It's kind of a condo, and it looks very cool... It's really close to everything that Victoria has to offer, which is just perfect. Normally, I do a lot of reading on these trips, like around 3 or 4 books during the week, but I hope to get out there and wander around the town a little too. So, we're there until Sunday afternoon, when we rent a car and drive to the Lodge...


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