Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hey ho, back to the show I go :D

Yay, really looking forward to tonight. Frogg and I have a 7pm-8pm SL time show for Spunky Burrito (gotta love that name hehe). The last show we played was 3pm on Saturday, so this has been quite a treat getting the time off to relax. Frogg even got to change his strings, so be prepared for a very crisp sound! Can't wait to get back in there.... tickling the ivories!

I had a great holiday, and spent most of my time cooking in the kitchen. If you happened to run into me in SecondLife, I was most likely AFK, busy with something involving the oven. I made rum balls (fantastic), curried walnuts (too good to stop eating) and some sour cream peach pies (very good but filling).


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