Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Working in a few ways!

Got a nice start on the cabin shared area that we all plan to use in the new Hawthouse land. It's going to be very slick and a fun place to kick back :D I've got a lot of the walls and floor done, and now just need to texture the rest... It's a ton of fun, and Eric is going to do the roof and doors (yay, I am so bad at those). I tend to work with right angles well enough, and line stuff up on the grid, but I don't do curves well it seems...

At my RL work, we're getting ready for a water rate increase of about 9.6% for folks. It just means the average water bill goes up about $1.20 a month, so no big deal, but it does bring in the much needed revenue for our water department, which had to do a lot of unexpected work this last year tearing up old pipes because of the highway department wanting to repave the roads on top of them. :)

Okay, back to the grind... But I have the evening off tonight! Can't wait to get back in and actually create something, versus running numbers and printouts here :(


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