Monday, November 06, 2006

A new blog post?

Yes, it is! Wish there was more to tell you, and pictures and stuff to post like I usually do, but this post is more because I've been feeling guilty letting a whole week go by!

We had a WONDERFUL time last Thursday at the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Radio Series kickoff, with 25 people listening in at one point! It went so well, we're doing it again this Thursday at 8pm SL time too. Well, we'd be doing it anyway, but I'd glad it went well! Everyone complimented Eric and Rosa and I on the wonderful Heart of Gold build, and I even made some t-shirts for the occasion. Eric had a wonderful free to copy towel too that got handed out! Huzzah for such a fun time. The hour just flew by, too... They sure knew how to make radio shows back then...

The new venue in Black Mire / Lingmell is shaping up nicely too. It's turning into a very pretty park/stage/dancing area, and I can't wait to debut there with Frogg on Friday the 17th. Rosa and I have been diligently working hard on it to get it ready, and all the little details are really shaping up. I worked on most of the building parts, but Rosa has helped with the landscaping and fountains, and they are pretty sharp looking: a little microcosm of activity in each castle turret :)

Last but not least, Frogg and I are sequestering ourselves in a beach house starting Friday the 10th, for a three day weekend "vacation". We'll be jonesing for the internet the whole time, but that's the point! Sure, it might be relaxing to be at the Oregon coast, but our main purpose is to take all the music gear + mixer + laptop, and do some recording for the new duet album! We already have our list of songs ready, and here it is:

Songs to record
Cliche Song
33.3 Degrees
Maybe Next Time
Never Argue With The Weather
Last Day
Not Today
If I Grew Wings
Wishes Were Horses
Ostrich Sized
Some kind of Improv

To Learn
Moonlight Reflections

Maybe Pile


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