Monday, October 23, 2006

Blech, Monday

Ever since one of my best friends for 15 years lost her job at the place I work, Mondays have been worse than usual. In fact, most all the days at my job now suck. I haven't been writing blog posts because of my mood, but I feel I should at least put something out here to explain why. I've also worked here 15 years, alongside my friend, and now I just wish I could leave here too. The only happy thought I get from being here is that I will have the money to do the things I want when I leave. My friend appears to have been the only "real" person here. The rest are all just being nice. Oh yes, I'm the center of sympathy these days. And you know something? I'm the only one who has bothered to contact my friend since she was laid off. People ask me how she's doing, but more in a "how was your weekend?" way. They don't care to know, they just want to feel better for having taken the time to ask. It's all a bunch of self-serving bullshit, really, masked in a forced smile.

And the fun doesn't stop there... My two favorite places to hang out in SL are also not helping my mood any. At one of them, people couldn't care less if I'm there or not (by the amount of hellos I get, anyway). At the other, there's so much internal strife that it's threatened to tear it all apart.

Maybe it's just a Case of the Mondays, and the depression from being at a soul-sucking, non-caring company to waste 8 hours a day for a paycheck. Nah....


At 10/24/2006 5:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jaycatt, you are welcome to hang out with me most anytime! There are lots of people in this game who consider you a to be a light in their day.

At 10/24/2006 5:58 PM, Blogger Mel Cheeky said...

Awwwwwwwww Jay! We love you! You know how I love to stalk thee! i always enjoy seeing you online and am so pleased when you honour me with the pleasure of your company. :)


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