Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday fun

Hello there! Forgot to write yesterday so I'm writing today. Last night I went to a Ruby Tuesday's with my ex-roomie, that was kind of fun, except it was a 45 minute drive each way to it. Then, this morning, I run into him at the store, and he tells me he's calling in sick and was sick yesterday! Awwww man! I really hope I don't catch his cold after being in the car with him for an hour and a half. Especially since I am about to start my bookshow thingy in Portland from Wednesday through Saturday. That's a picture of some dude looking at the floor map I took at a show a few years ago.

But yep, that's right, no shows from me, and no Friday show! Well, unless Frogg decides to do one of his own, like I did... ;) I should be logging in from time to time, from the convention center, which has WiFi. I now have a laptop that runs SL, so hopefully in my off-times I will be scooting around being cattish :D

I don't really leave town until about 4PM on Wednesday, but I am still taking the day off work. Mostly to make packing and laundry easier, and not have to rush it tonight.


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