Friday, October 06, 2006

Happy Friday!

I always love Fridays, for two reasons: Work is a lot easier to get through when you're thinking about two days off, and I get to play my regular Friday show with Frogg!

Just got up, getting ready for work. Stayed up way later than I wanted to last night, helping someone out with figuring out how to stream live music into SL. I got an IM from Teeple Linden, asking if I was available, about 8:45PM or so. I normally go to bed around 9:00PM (to get up this early). So I said, sure, and he TP'd over. Turns out he didn't just want to know how; he wanted to get it up and running that night. Also, turns out he's from Argentina and isn't the best a English or PC configuration. AND he wanted to stream from his local PC (where you don't have to rent a streaming host). He already had Winamp, so I led him through downloading and installing the Shoutcast plug-in and the Shoutcast server programs. Finally got them configured and got him to plug his mic in. I was sure it wouldn't work, because most routers need to have "port forwarding" in order to let people connect directly to your PC, but luckily his didn't! We finished about 10:30... Ug... Still, got it working! Mentioned it to Teeple, and got the response that I went "above and beyond the call of duty" :D Also, this guy could very possibly be the first South American live musician in-world! How neat would that be?

Oh, and get this... hehe Then he asks about how he can play with another musician. Obvious innuendo aside, I explain the bit about using two streams, then start realizing he's got someone in mind already. Thinking I'd probably have to explain this all again to a friend of his, I asked "Who is it that you have in mind?" and he says "u". LOL Me?! I told him, well, sure, mabe someday, but I've never heard him play, he's never heard me play (obvious, because he was surprised to hear I played piano). I told him to stop by the show tonight to have a listen. He wanted to jump in on a song, but I explained it doesn't really work that way, and that he should really practice playing in SL on his own, with some venues or something first. Plus, October is all booked up anyway (and we're only on day 6!).

Anyway, still waking up... Writing more when I get to work!


At 10/08/2006 3:25 PM, Blogger Reina Quine said...

Wow, you know you're good when a Linden comes YOU for help! ;)

At 10/10/2006 10:43 PM, Blogger Erbo Evans said...

If he's any good, Jaycatt, we might be able to book him at the GR...tell him to contact Danielle or me for details...


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