Monday, November 13, 2006

Back from the coast

Frogg and I made it back from the Oregon coast yesterday with only around a half hour to spare before a two-hour show at the Tropics for Taeja. Whew! It was nice to get to play again, though, and especially to play cover tunes (which we did almost none of during our coast stay).

We focused mostly on our original material at the coast. We ended up recording about 9 songs (two new ones and 7 others people would recognize) for a total of around 38 minutes! I liked them all, but Frogg might want to re-record a few because of some glitches here and there.

Had a fun time at the coast, for the most part... It was a little boring without the internet, so our "down time" was spent watching TV, but actually that was really relaxing and I was glad for the break. We took a walk on the beach at one point when it stopped raining, and went into town to get groceries, but otherwise stayed around the house occasionally breaking into song lol

Missed SL and all my friends I talk to online a lot though, and it's good to be back.


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