Friday, January 26, 2007

Yay Victoria!

Hiya folks! Couple of days in Victoria now, starting to finally feel like I'm getting away from it all... The pictures up above from the Flickr flim strip contain some of the latest ones I've taken recently here in Victoria. Of course, once I take more later they will slide to the right, but just paw through them if you like to see. I also have some other goodies which I'll include in this blog post as links below.

Today we took a walk around Beacon Hill Park, which wasn't too far from our condo thingy we're renting (video of the condo coming later). It's larger than it seems, and not as pretty as it probably would be if it were summer. A little chilly but a nice walk overall, and good preparation for when we do our usual walking around the trails at the Lodge later in the week. Afterwards, I stopped at the Northwest Traders shop with my Dad and picked up my touristy stuff and candy ^^ (I love that Macintosh caramel stuff, and Aero bars too mmm!).

We then ate at a place salled Sam's Deli, and my sandwich looked pretty much like the one in the picture. Last night we had steak, which was as tasty as it sounds!

Think I'm going to read my book for a while, talk to ya later! Hoping to get some great pics of the lit up Parliament building tonight.

Here are a couple of streaming movies (they also work in SL if you are interested in watching them there):
All the ducks are swimming in the waaaa-terrrr...

Who needs to throw a stick when the dogs chase themselves in Beacon Hill Park?


A nice panorama .EXE picture of one of the edges of the Park.


At 1/29/2007 3:50 PM, Blogger Dolmere said...

Cute movies Jay - looks like a nice relaxing getaway!


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