Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Some commission art I had to share :D

The picture to the left is a wonderful commission work done of Jaycatt, by the very talented John Prengaman, Jr. John draws a fantastic webcomic by the name "Sandusky" about the joys of living with a large cougar (and Bunker, a Siberian husky/Australian shepherd mix). I was so thrilled to get this commission that I just had to share it! If I could draw, I'd draw just like this...

He would love to do other commissions as well, so please feel free to contact him via his web page, if you are interested! I know I'll be asking for more Jaycatt art in the future, to be sure!

Here's another picture John created for me, that I plan to use quite a bit to promote my piano playing. Wow! Just outstanding...


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