Monday, February 12, 2007

Been a week, yeah I know :)

Yeah, I haven't posted much lately. Last Wednesday the 7th I started getting sick, and only just got better on Saturday the 10th. Still haven't even got around to completely unpacking from my Canada trip ;)

Anyway, things are going okay for the most part. Been doing some shows, and learning more about the upcoming SLCC in Chicago. Frogg and I are hoping to be part of it, but aren't sure in what capacity yet. Things are still pretty up in the air. But, the cost looks okay (roughly $600 each for the hotel and flights) depending on how much is discounted on the registration fee (which I think was $300 for all three days last year, if you weren't involved in the event). So, we're looking at less than $1000 each, with all meals and drinks and cab fares included :D Might be doable ;) Now, it all depends on what music they decide on and what part we would be playing in all that. Even if we didn't get to play music there (well, formally) I still think I'd like to go, just to meet folks. Playing last year was fun, but socializing and such was also quite fun.

Tonight I go see Dreamgirls with a friend of mine... Not exactly my kind of movie, but she's been really eager to see it and was a big fan of the stage show. I hear it's fast paced, and that Eddie Murphy has one of the more interesting roles, so it should be fun.

Tomorrow night I get to spend with Frogg, just shooting the breeze and having a good meal before he takes off for Texas on Wednesday. I hope things go well for him there! I know I'll be doing the Risky Business thing, all by myself hehe....


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