Thursday, March 22, 2007

A new blog post!

Hello! Yep, it's been a while since I posted, so I thought I'd write some and mention what's been going on with me... I had my birthday on Monday, the 19th, and ended up having a pretty good day! In the end, I got the best present I could ask for: surrounded by my friends, all enjoying an impromptu concert I played at the Hawthouse. Material possessions are nice when you have something you really need, but I find more joy in the sharing and caring that only others can provide... :) Yeah, that's a bit sappy lol...

I'm in kind of a sappy mood though, because the very next day I got Partnered in SL to Xankarth Wind! We've known each other since October last year, and have become really close in the last few weeks. I'm glad he offered the partnership, even though we both already felt that way towards each other anyway :D We've been having a lot of fun exploring around SL, shopping for avatars and snuggling ^^

In other news, tonight Frogg and I finally begin doing a little recording for the upcoming album, lol. Yeah, we're slackers, we admit it. Lately I've been treating my free time like big cities treat new freeways: you don't clear up road congestion (or free time) by building freeways, as more cars (and activities) will just fill up the space anyway. I really don't enjoy living by a schedule, but there's just so much I want to accomplish each day and not let slide. It sucks that I always feel like I'm needing to watch the clock and rush off to the next thing on my list, but ah well... The alternative is letting it all slide, and that's worse in the long run.

The plus side to taking most of the month off, is that I've really been looking forward to the Friday shows. I've just had the most fun on those nights, especially when we're at the Amphibicatt stage. It's just fun; like playing Frisbee in the park is fun ^^

Anyway, I'll talk more at ya later, hope you're enjoying the blog. I try to keep it non-angsty, I promise! hehe


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