Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday plans

On Friday the 21st, I'll be flying down to Pasadena to be with Hunter for the Christmas holiday; flying back on Christmas Day (oh what fun, it is to ride, on a Canadian Regional Jet 700 toniiiight). We don't have any major plans, and are mainly going to just hang out, have some good food, and enjoy each other's company.

But then, on Friday the 28th, Hunter will be flying up to Oregon to visit me! Yay! I can't wait... Not only will it make leaving on Christmas Day easier (only having to wait 2 days to see him again) but I get to show him around town and around the house he will eventually be moving into. We'll be together until January 1st, when he'll fly back to California. Then we don't see each other until January 18th. Not a huge wait, but not short either. Ah, well. We are doing the best we can until things get more settled. :)


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