Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What's Up With Jaycatt?

Hello, and welcome to my blog post. *applause* Thanks, thanks very much, you're too kind *more applause* No really, it's you guys, you guys I write for *applause continues* Okay, that's enough now... QUIET!

*awkward silence*

Okay, well, anyway *clear throat* We've got a great blog post for you today, explaining what I've been up to the last week or so. I have no special guest, as I cannot afford one. So let's start the show!

*opening theme music plays, probably Seasons*

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, welcome back. Have you been reading the news lately? Well, neither have I, because I've been busy doing other stuff like cooking, volunteering, playing music, and visiting friends online and off. Great stuff, yeah. Let's look back at the week and see what's been shakin', SHALL WE!? *giggles*

Last weekend was kind of fun, really. On Saturday I went over to downtown Springfield to the tuba concert and volunteered at the cookie and hot chocolate booth SUB provided, making sure things were stocked and setting up the "comfort station" canopy. It was a lot of fun! Nice to help out, and also a great tuba show. They played holiday songs, and it was an all-tuba ensemble.

Then, that night, I volunteered at the company banquet playing piano during the cocktail hour before dinner. That was also quite a bit of fun, and people said they enjoyed the background music. Plus, I gots a $25 gift card for Barnes & Noble, yay! My Dad also got to attend the banquet, which was a lot of fun to do with him too.

Sunday night, my good friend Rosa had her fourth rez-day party in Second Life. On December 8th, 2003, she joined the service. So long ago! Anyway, I played for an hour, some nice tunes and requests, and then DJ'd swing music and oldies to the crowd. Nice turnout, and a great audience!

Other than that, I've been trying to get out to visit my RL friends and take care of things around the house. Top priority goes to my mate Hunter, who I miss dearly and pine for often. I leave to see him on the 21st, so it's not long now. I can't wait! It'll be a four day visit this time, so I'm really eager to get started visiting and relaxin' together. We have a lot of movies lined up and a few wonderful meals in the works. Just the kind of vacation I'm looking for. :)

Okay, I've kind of fallen behind on the whole talk-show mood, so I'll sign off for now and talk to you all later. Hope you're having good holiday seasons as well!


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