Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Definately fall now...

With the change of the seasons comes a bit of melancholy for me. I do enjoy cold weather, and rain, and being thankful for the sun when it shows up. However, I dislike the long nights and darkness that keeps me from enjoying the outdoors. Sure, I don't go out in them much since the internet ;) But I do love to look out the window. Don't think I could live very long in an apartment without windows; as I've always enjoyed opening up the shades and letting natural light in to where I live. Laying in a sunbeam, feeling the warmth of it on you as you read: these are things I identify with, as do real cats.

The short days are what really gets me down. Sometimes it already feels like more of my life than I want is going towards work, so when I arrive to my job in darkness and leave in darkness, it just feels as if the day was wasted, in a way. The company is happy, and knows it was not wasted, but what about my personal growth time? When it's dark, it feels like it's just time for bed, not time to go anywhere. I guess I never was one for the nightlife, unless it's online. :)


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