Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I really couldn't think of another good, noteworthy website that I visit frequently, so today I'm going to list my favorite webcomics.

Some people enjoy their print newspaper, and have their favorites on the comic page. I have my own daily comic reads, but all online! Check these out if you haven't seen them before, and let me know in my comments section if you have any favorites you think I'd like.

Sluggy Freelance: Pete Abrams has been doing this comic for over 10 years now, online! It's an engaging story, with some wonderful characters and clever humor. You probably have to start at the beginning to truly understand the characters and story, but it's such a fun ride! I envy you!

Funny Farm Comics: I've always loved Funny Farm. It started out simple and has grown so much since then, especially the art style. While still keeping to a simple drawing technique, Ryan Smith is able to put so much dimension and feeling into his stories. Might need to start from the beginning on this one too...

Sandusky: John Pregaman, Jr. has one of my favorite art styles. I even commissioned him to draw me a "Jaycatt", here and here. It's very Disney-ish, and how I wish I could draw furs.

General Protection Fault: Another serial story, so it might take starting from the top to "get" it. Well, eventually it became one. It doesn't get updated very often lately, but there have been some excellent storylines in the middle of the run so far. I highly recommend checking it out.

Sinfest: Nice little daily comic that I enjoy reading, about a young pimp-wannabe and his girl friend (not girlfriend, but just a girl who unfortunately is only a friend to him). The Pooch and Percival segments are some of my favorites. For a sample, start here.

Penny Arcade: Although this comic only runs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the PennyArcade crew is pretty funny at times. It's mostly video game humor and commentary, but occasionally I'll spot something that's just hilarious. Here's a quick sample.

Questionable Content: I've really been enjoying this one lately. It mainly focuses on relationships and clerk activity, but you know, it never gets preachy or drama-filled. He always manages to keep it light. Very nice! Another one you might want to start from the beginning.

Sequential Art: Very hard to describe, but some nice characters. Yes, like most, it helps to start from the top!

Gene Catlow: One of my favorite furry comics, this one takes place in a universe with furs and humans, living together. Needs to be read from the top! This one's also a Monday-Wednesday-Friday comic.

Cigarro & Cerveja: The continuing adventures of a hare and goose, pretty funny... One of my favorites is here.

The Class Menagerie: The Class Menagerie has been finished for a while, but it is still my favorite furry webcomic of all. Vince Suzukawa's artwork is excellent, and he really develops his characters.


At 9/20/2007 7:50 AM, Anonymous Alexander Lapointe said...

Yay! QC++! I'll have to check out the others though :)


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