Friday, September 07, 2007


These next few entries will talk about what else I like to do online other than SecondLife :) Yes, there is more to me than just the musics and the catting around meowin' and purrin'.

During my breaks at work, and in the mornings, and heck, just whenever I have a few moments, I'll visit the news blog Fark.com. Fark is mainly a collection of strange and interesting news story links, paired with comments from a very large, and funny, member list. They're also big on cats, and every cat related story normally ends up with tons of cute cat pictures :D

Anyone can submit articles for inclusion on the main Fark page, but the ones with the funniest headlines tend to win and get posted for all to see. After all, it's not just the actual news story that makes it worthy for the main page, it's the humorous headline written by the submitter that plays a big part.

For example, some of today's funny headlines include (links go to actual articles, comments to the Fark comments):

"Two bridges in Quebec to be torn down after inspection finds microscopic evidence of the presence of Celine Dion": Comments

"Blind vet beats off gunman. He never saw him coming": Comments

Osama Bin Laden to release video on 9/11 anniversary. Said to include hilarious deleted scenes and appearances from Fidel Castro, Desmond Tutu and General Francisco Franco"
: Comments

Anyway, that's just some of the headlines I spotted for today. Fark is always good for a laugh!


At 9/07/2007 11:28 AM, Blogger Gog said...

I used to read Fark Years ago but I had trouble with all the breasts that would show up on the site, Not too work safe for me so I stopped.

At 9/07/2007 3:45 PM, Blogger Jaycatt said...

Yeah, they don't show outright nudity anymore, but they definitely show the occasional "hottie" or bikini-clad model. Anything else gets removed by the moderators (hopefully).

At 9/08/2007 5:13 AM, Blogger Rosa Rambles said...

Yay Kitty! Thanks for the new entry! I enjoyed reading this and in checking out Fark, some laughs too!! Thanks for sharing!


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