Sunday, June 24, 2007

I is back!

Hey ya everybody :D I just got back from Pasadena, and boy are my arms something-or-other. Had a great time visiting with Hunter, and a very lovable German Shepherd named Sgt. Shultz, whose namesake was in Hogan's Heroes :D We had a great time just talking about stuff and hanging out. Worked out very well because I always have a lot of questions, and Hunter knows a lot of trivia! It was a lot of fun, we each had quite a few anecdotes :D

On Saturday we went to the mall and saw Evan Almighty, which wasn't the same as Bruce Almighty, but still a pretty good story that only rarely was predictable. :D Then we had a great steak (grilled in creamery butter) and mashed potato dinner, and a bit earlier some really good 3 year old cheese with some garlic olives... Homer say "mmmmm" :) Oh, and Amaretto, I found out I really like Amaretto...

Also got to see Dracula Dead and Loving It again (Leslie is such a great actor, and it's always cool to see Harvey and Mel together), and a disc of Enterprise episodes... That show is better than I had remembered, so now I need to go out and rent them myself :D

Today we didn't do too much, but ended up having breakfast at a place called the Gaffey Street Diner. Both us of had an amazing tasting eggs benedict. I haven't had it much before, but it was really good, and huge portions. I took a pic for fun. Already got a bite out of it though :D


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