Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kitten on the keys!

Hiyas! I'm excited today too, I have a solo show tonight! Been a while since I had one, so I'm a little nervous. But, it's always a blast, provided I can keep from rambling on the mic about the song I played/am going to play... Frogg continually has to remind me "Dude, play some music!", hehe...

Still, it's fun, and I hope to even sing Happy Birthday to Shaunny, who is celebrating it today even, I think!

Another thing I didn't mention yesterday is how excited I am to visit a friend in the LA area named Hunter! We've known each other for a few months now, and he loves to have company and entertain, so I made arrangements to fly down for the weekend exactly a month from now. He's also an avid cook, and loves to just relax and hang out, so I am hoping it's a wonderful vacation from my normal busy weekend, and plus I get to travel! The recipes he's been talking about sound just fantastic, and we might even go out to eat somewhere and visit some neat places in town. It's only a weekend, so I don't have to use any vacation time, but it's easy to go and visit in the future too. Should be a blast! :D


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