Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Hey ya, blog readers! Just thought I'd provide an update, since it's been a little while since I did.

Well, we started our first week of the booked month on Sunday, doing a concert for a birthday party, which was a lot of fun! Then, last night, we had another two hour show too. Now there's a reprieve until Friday, when we do yet another two hour show! Fortunately, most of the remaining shows in April are only an hour, and those are a lot more fun I think. Mainly because I still get time to do other things (hehe). It's surprising that April is already all booked, wow.

In other news, this Saturday should be fun... Frogg is part of a puppet theater thingy called "Drunk Puppet Night". It was such a blast last year, that I'm going again (this time with my sister!) To see Frogg's part in last year's show, click here! I'll be filming Frogg's bit again this year, and hope to show it off some time in SL :D

Not a whole lot else going on, really, except working and trying to find free time. :)


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