Friday, June 08, 2007

Happy Friday!

Yep, it's Friday once again! Last Friday, I wasn't in town, but tonight I get to be part of our two hour show again, woo hoo! I remember last Friday, when I was still at the convention, I logged into Secondlife and we were able to broadcast the show to the few of us hanging around the internet lounge Luskwood had set up. It's a little like torture to hear songs you usually play along with being played in a solo format, hehe. I just wanted to jump in and play my part so bad! Sort of like having your hands tied behind your back :)

Tonight I get my chance again though. I always enjoy Fridays, like I've said before in this blog... Since Frogg and I have been playing Friday shows for almost two years now, I sort of equate playing with the start of the weekend. Once the show is finished, the weekend really starts for me. I tend to stay up later on Friday nights too, as if I just got home from work at 9PM when the show ended.

In other news, I'm really finding it hard not to think about companionship. I think I mentioned it earlier, but I had the opportunity to meet a really good friend last Sunday and Monday, and learned what how wonderful something as simple as snuggling can be. Now, it almost feels like my priorities for life have changed, and the portion of life I wanted for closeness before (like 5%) has grown incredibly (up to like 60%). It's been difficult thinking of much else, and I find myself making plans that bring closeness more into my life. It's a very strange prospect for me: a guy who for over 30 years has felt he had a touch phobia. But, I like it, and you know... all those romantic movies finally make sense! I can see how it would be something people would do anything for (and in the movies, to hilarious consequences lol). Anyway, it's a major change in my life, and I hope to get more in touch with it as time goes on. :)


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