Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Home again!

Howdy do! I'm back in town now :D That's okay, but unfortunately that also means I'm back at work, which is completely different from my last five days on vacation.

I made it to Ft. Collins just great, with the help of a friend of Kain's. Not a long drive really, but pretty uneventful for the most part. Nice to have some scenery other than the hotel in Denver though, hehe. We picked up Kain and another friend and headed out to the mountains to do a little hamburger grilling. :D I got to listen to a comedic singer named Steven Lynch, who was hilarious... Unfortunately, things were pretty crowded tourist-wise, so to find a spot we ended up hiking more than 2 miles in on a trail, looking for a picnic spot. We didn't really find one, so we ended up just setting up the grill on the path, where there was a clearing with lots of rocks :D Still, food cooked outdoors is special, so in retrospect it was fun. Even though we barely made it back to the car by nightfall. Lots of hiking, so I was so tired! Kain too, and I think we both fell asleep in the backseat for a while. I tried to play a card game with them, but it required too much creative thought on my part so I kind of spoiled it, hehe... We watched a movie, and then off to bed!

Monday I was also pretty tired, so I didn't end up doing too much really, but I played a bit with the melodica, working on a song with Kain, and we both watched a documentary on Ayn Rand, who is quite a fascinating woman! I didn't get to finish the documentary, but Kain might get to visit in July, so we can do that then too! Anyway, I had a wonderful time visiting, and miss Kain terribly :)

But, I'm back at work now, so oh well... I have all my memories though, and that's what counts!


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