Saturday, June 02, 2007

At the Rocky Mountain FurCon, Day Two!

Well, it's Saturday now here in Denver, and I thought I'd update you all on my time so far!

Thursday was a really boring day, for the most part. No con activities, so I mostly stayed in the room, and wandered around the hotel. Didn't see anyone I knew all day! Had a small but semi-tasty meal with a couple of drinks in the bar, finished my book, and went to bed.

But Friday was a lot more interesting... Registration opened at 9AM, so I went down about that time, and saw about 10 con-goers in the registration area waiting for them to open. Seemed like they all knew each other, so I felt a little nervous and came back up to hide in my room. Finally went down an hour later and got in line, and got my badge and packet and such... Wandered around a while, and got to see a couple of nice fursuits, and wished I had a fur tail myself after a bit... Most seemed to have them, or fuzzy feets :D Now I am determined to get a siamese tail somewhere :D

I got hungry about noonish, so I hopped over to McD's for a quick bigmac. When I got back to the hotel I had a message on my phone that Gog and the Luskwood crew were unloading equipment, so I scarfed the burger and went down to meet them and see what I could do to help. :D They were pretty busy setting stuff up and trying to get things working so I kind of hung back until it quieted down. But, I got to meet Gog for the first time (YAY, I've always wanted to :D) and the Luskwood crew again (I met most all of them once before at the SLCC in San Francisco). I also got to meet Salkin, who is from Sweden! Salkin didn't fly over to the US just for the con, but to visit other folks as well. They were all setting up an Internet Lounge; 10 PC's with the capability to run SL and Firefox and such, for use by con-goers to check email, and get on Secondlife. Very cool! Not really it's own room, but a partitioned off space near registration. They will also be using the Lounge today to host a panel on creating avatars in SL, which I'm really excited to see today :D

After all was set up, the six of us went to a Mongolian grill in town, which was actually pretty good. Liam had a recipe for the perfect collection of goodies, refined from many trips to the restaurant before. A lot of the LW crew live nearby Denver, so they were all pretty happy to have a con so close! Gog ended up buying my lunch, because Friday was my rez-day, yay! Two years old in Secondlife!

After lunch, we mostly hung around the Internet Lounge, chatting with furs and occasionally logging into SL to see what was up and talk to furs at the Luskwood vendor platform in-world. Very relaxing, and a great time to get to know each other, I thought. At one point, a number of fursuiters were using the PC's, and clustered around for a picture! Sorry for the quality, I had left my camera in my room and had to use my cell phone.

Michi and Arito went to get more equipment for a bit, and we got to listen to a good hour of Frogg's friday show, which I played over speakers for some of the folks in the Lounge.

Gog and the LW crew had an hour's drive to get back home, and had to find food on the way, so I ended up going to dinner with another SL'er, Calicat! Calicat used to live in the Denver area, and knew a great cajun place a block or two away from the hotel. I haven't had much cajun food before, but it was really good I thought :D After that, I just came back to the hotel and crashed. Slept a lot better last night too! Second night in a hotel is always better than the first :)

Only other news about the con is that I commissioned two different dealers in the vendor area to make con badges of my siamese cat :D I should get them today, yay! I'll scan them in later for folks to see, but for now I might just take close up pictures ^^

Anyway, have to get to the bathroom and get ready to start the second day of the con! There's a fursuit parade taking place later this afternoon I hope to get some fun pictures and video of ^^


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