Monday, August 06, 2007

A blast from the past

When I was about 16, Frogg, my sister, and I produced three half hour sketch comedy shows for our local Cable Access station. My sister was taking a high school film class, and the assignment was to create such a program. Being techy, I jumped at the opportunity to help, and Frogg had been doing a lot of theater work, so he was interested too. At the time, my sister was heavily into daytime television, too, and so we ended up doing TV commercial parodies. My family had this large gray rabbit, a giant chinchilla, so we called the program "Advertising the Rabbit Hutch Way". We got to use the recording equipment and mixing station for free, since it was public access.

Anyway, we enjoyed doing it so much, we wrote two more shows as well. The quality got progressively better.

Where am I going with all of this? Well, last night I uploaded the videos to Google Video, and so here are the links, if you'd like to see Frogg, me, and my sister in all our teenage glory, hehe.

Advertising The Rabbit Hutch Way

More Advertising The Rabbit Hutch Way

Dying The Rabbit Hutch Way

We planned to do a fourth show, but by that point our schedules were too different to all get together for filming. We ended up with one skit, not even edited, which I can't find at the moment, for "Life Time Books", a home improvement series for people not willing to do home improvements. One segment had Frogg hammering in a nail, with the comment "Well, I just got the first nail in, and it's a perfect fit!", and another segment where he says "Notice anything different about this room? I took that clock off the shelf over there, and put it on top of the TV! Thanks to Life Time books!"


At 8/06/2007 12:58 PM, Anonymous Alexander Lapointe said...

Wow...wow...Jay, thank you! :D

At 8/06/2007 2:48 PM, Blogger Rosa Rambles said...

YAY! Hooray! So Awesome you shared these! I know I just loved seeing them and others will too! Applause and cheers to the entire cast! I think a "final edition" episode needs to be made *hint hint hint* make it a real cliff hanger! heheh jk Thanks again for sharing them Kitty!

At 8/06/2007 3:00 PM, Blogger Jaycatt said...

You're welcome! They were a blast to make, once upon a time... I've kept the original tapes very safe because of the nostalgic value, hehe...

At 8/21/2007 4:08 PM, Blogger Eric said...

Those are hilarious!!! And so reminiscent... "What WILL YOU do???" and "Thank you... for your support."

I've watched about 20 minutes of the first one... I'm going to come back until I have time to see them all. :)

I have nothing like this, but I have a few mini-videos my kids and I have made... perhaps I'll get those online to share with you.

At 8/22/2007 7:55 PM, Blogger Shy said...

Such cute little geeks ^^ hehe. No offense meant.


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