Monday, August 06, 2007

Hooray for Company (part 3)!

I know it's been forever for this post, but I have some other things I want to report about too, and I don't want to forget stuff I should have been writing about earlier.

When we last left Frogg and Jaycatt, Rosa had left to visit Patrick up in Seattle, and Meg was visiting for another week or so. I really enjoyed Meg's company, mostly because she's an interesting, caring person, but also because she was British and I find British culture fascinating. I also find the food fascinating, and even though Meg is a vegetarian, the dishes she made were quite nice :) One night she made a shrimp curry. Another, shepherd's pie (which I have an absolute passion for). Also, I remember a noodle dish that was excellent too.

Frogg and Meg mostly did things themselves, because I was back at work, but we did watch some movies together, which I think is always fun.

I really miss having Rosa here though :( It's funny how after a week of having someone visit, you almost take for granted that they'll be there, you know? So after they go, I found myself saying "Oh, that's right..." when I'd think of things I would have normally done when she was here. :) BUT, I get to see her again in a couple of weeks, in Chicago! Woo hoo! That'll really be a treat... Both of us visiting, but also both of us in a new place!

The house seems kind of empty now that it's just Frogg and I again. We've been hanging out more ourselves, though, and now when we visit Meg online we can include my partner Xankarth too, which I really missed being able to do. :)

Anyway, I really enjoyed having the company over. And I hope Rosa and Meg are able to visit again some day! Rosa might even get to visit in March, and I'm hoping to get to show her the Oregon coast, which we missed out on this last time around!


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