Friday, September 21, 2007

Flashback, 1989

Okay, so I don't have much on my mind at the moment, so I'm going to steal ideas from my younger self. Ooo time travel! During my first term of college, I took a writing class. Part of the homework was to keep a journal, where we would write 20 minutes a day, straight through, not pausing for any thought. An interesting concept... He had us start it on the very first day, and asked us to write about our impressions of the class, to turn in at the next class. I sort of branched out from there as my thoughts wandered, as they often do! I'll try to find somethign a bit more interesting from the journal as I read through it. It sure brings back memories...

September 26th, 1989 - 7:48AM

"When I first came into my WR-121 class I didn't know what to expect except possibly a lot of homework. The teacher in front of the class was an elderly lady with a British accent and I thought, "Well, this is good," because I thought she would be easy to get along with for some reason. Sometimes in classes you get kind, older ladies who are extremely patient in teaching. Well, anyway, she left and when no other teacher showed and the room gained 7 or 8 extra people I began to get a little worried. None of us said anything because I don't think we knew one another and that's pretty awkward to jump up unannounced and say "Hey, it's 2:09, should we just leave??" So, I wonder what would have happened if the teacher had not shown at all? I guess eventually we would have to discuss it amongst ourselves whether or not to leave, although some might just wander out if they were near the door. So, finally Mr. Barger got there and told us that the next time on Wednesday we would meet in the Science Building, #111. After the class I took a walk over there to check it out and find the room. In our old classroom, we had about 8 seats empty. This room was twice the size as our old one! We might either need to spread out or bunch up real close. A good point about it though is that the door is not 20 yards from the parking lot and it looked pretty uncrowded, so getting there and leaving will be no problem. Last night I went to my Effective Learning class, you know, one of those 1 hour 20 minute evening classes? I was pretty amazed that I liked the teacher and didn't mind being stuck listening to him drone on and on. So far I don't have any teachers like that, so I'm happy for now. All I have for classes today is a math class at 11 but I need to buy my books so I better get there by 9:30! Those lines are amazing! That's 20. (finished at 8:10AM)"


At 9/23/2007 3:02 PM, Blogger Eric said...

September, 1989, eh? Well, I'd moved to Florida and probably adapted to it by then. But I hadn't met Michelle, yet. I was living in my condo with a cat named Katie. :)

Funny how you counted off the 20 minutes. It actually took me a sec to figure out that last sentence.


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