Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jonny Flash!

Hi there! New post from me. Last Sunday, I went to visit an old friend of mine, Jonny, who was playing at a Halloween show here in town, and selling copies of his CD. Quite possibly the funniest musician I personally know, Jonny has been living in Austin, TX, so to see him back up here at his old haunts (no pun intended) was quite a treat! Jonny plays ukulele and sings. He's got quite a stage presence too (just check out the links below!)

Frogg knows him as well, even better than I do, as he was part of a backup band for Jonny called "The Exhibitionists". Yes, that's right, put together, the name becomes "Jonny Flash and the Exhibitionists"!

Anyway, here's Jonny playing a recent song (that you've undoubtedly heard before), "I Will Survive".

Here's a link to Jonny's webpage and Myspace pages too! Lots of great pictures and other songs there too!


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