Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Hunter and I got to visit together again this last weekend, and I had such a great time! I swear, the more we visit, the more I find to love about him. Our relationship grows every time we are together, and I truly consider him my mate now. I believe it is no longer a question of "if" we will be together, but more"when"! I don't think I've ever been happier being with someone, than I am with him. I sigh with contentment a lot when I'm there, and do a large amount of smilin' :)

Earlier last week, we both bought feety pajamas! I swear, they are the most comfortable things *ever*. They are fleece, for winter, and ideal for snuggling while watching movies. I have the navy blue, and Hunter has baby blue, and I admit we look extremely cute together snuggling in them :) I think everyone who lives in cold climates should have them!

We also went to Universal City, to the iMAX theater to see the 3D version of Beowulf. I haven't been to the Universal Studios area since the Jaws exhibit was popular (but now, the shark is "old, and stupid", and although we didn't go inside the park (it would have been $64, EEP!) I was still impressed with the outdoor City mall. Didn't buy anything, as it was too expensive, but we did go next door to the Hilton's bar for a drink before the movie started. Good bar, only found a speck floating in a glass, and a hair in the olives, hehe... As for the movie, it was well animated, and done in very impressive 3D, but the plot itself was lacking oomph. Not sure if it would be as interesting to see it on a normal screen.

We were packed like sardines in that theater, but I got to hold Hunter's hand during the show, so I didn't mind one bit. ^^

I really miss him a lot, now that I'm home. It's good to be back in some ways, though... I do miss playing piano, and my friends here in Oregon and online. However, I'm counting the days until I get to be back in California again. Almost exactly 30 days now, as I'll be there over the Christmas holiday (21st-25th). Four whole days, woo hoo!


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