Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Food driven holidays are teh sucks!

Food pleases me greatly, so I hate to waste meals where I could potentially making yummy sounds the whole time by having a dull salad with chicken on it. However, since Thanksgiving and well, "living large" the last month or two, I really find I need to cut back. So, out come the broiled chicken, baked potato, and salad dinners, and cut up chicken on salad lunches. And no snacks *whimper*. Plus a little exercising in the morning, and I should be back to my happy weight of 185 or so. Right now I'm at 205, and really starting to feel it, especially when I tie my shoes... :D Not good!

Hunter's also going through a bit of a diet regiment, so we have been encouraging each other to eat better and get out walking and such. We compare the results over Christmas, when we will finally be together again. We do plan to go off the diets when I visit. Not exactly pig out or anything, but one of the plans is to go to the Melting Pot, which makes me drool every time I think of it. I'm also eager to try Nigiri-zushi with him, as he is a big fan and I really haven't dabbled much with sushi before. Of course, there's also the Panda Inn, where the "Panda Express" eateries spawned, that I'm looking forward to having some day. There's one right in Pasadena too, so not very far away from us!

Okay, gotta stop thinking about food, as my lunch of a salad is looking less and less appetizing!


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