Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dreaming of the future :)

As you can tell from my previous posts, Hunter and I are starting to plan our lives together, and consider ourselves partners, as much as we can be living as far apart as we do. Well, after much discussion about how to plan for the future, we have both decided the most logical choice is for him to move here, to Oregon, and live with me. I have a good job here already, and my own house. Plus, the weather is fairly nice and temperate. Costs are a bit cheaper up this way too, since the city is not as large.

I feel badly that it uproots him to do this, and one thing I care most about is making my mate comfortable. So, I had been planning to move down there, to make it easier on him. Well, it really does make more sense for him to travel to me instead, it looks like. I've showed him a video tour of the house that I did a while back, and he agrees that it should work just fine. :) Of course, it's easiest for me, since I don't have to change much about my life, and I feel pretty guilty about that, but I do so want to be together with him, that I would take any avenue to eventually end up that way.

So! We've set a tentative date of November 2008 as a move-in date (so he can be here for the winter). It's a year out, which should give us plenty of time to get things in order and planned out. I'm pretty excited! When I go down to see him over the Christmas holiday we'll talk more about it all, also, and start making plans. Woo hoo!


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