Friday, December 28, 2007

Airline Rant

Okay, so this is one of the most asinine bureaucratic red-tape nightmares I've seen. My partner, Hunter, is flying up to see me tonight, hoping to get in at midnight in Eugene.

Here's his schedule:
BUR --> SFO (8:18PM - 9:34PM)
SFO --> EUG (10:30PM - 12:06AM)

Every flight today that has left Burbank and gone to San Francisco has been upwards of 90 minutes delayed. Of course, that means when Hunter's plane finally leaves, he's already missed the 10:30PM flight. Still, no problem, right? It's only 4PM now, just put him on an earlier flight, let it be 90 minutes delayed, and he'll still make the 10:30PM one. But noooo, the airline somehow thinks his plane will be the magical one that doesn't get delayed, and is going to show it "ON TIME" until it's supposed to leave. By then, it will be too late to make alternative arrangements. And the 10:30PM flight is the last one from SFO into Eugene.

Way to think ahead, guys! There's a chance to solve a problem, but United seems to have their heads up their asses about it, and won't admit to a delay until right before it's supposed to leave. I can't imagine they think, as night falls, the weather is going to suddenly improve, allowing traffic to avoid delays.

While I'm at it, shouldn't San Francisco, I don't know, EXPECT these sort of things, since they always happen, winter after winter, year after year? Is it such a complete shock that they can't adjust schedules ahead of time to compensate? I mean, what the hell?

Okay, that's my rant. With luck, the plane that Hunter is taking at 10:30PM is arriving from somewhere that will also be delayed, and he'll still be able to make it.


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