Monday, February 11, 2008

We're Here!

Yay, we made it back up to Oregon without a hitch! Hunter and I are now finally together, after all this time, and it's truly wonderful. We're both still settling in, and getting used to being together full time. There's plenty to do before things are completely settled and functional, but also lots of time to do it!

I arrived in LA about 8:45PM on Thursday last, and was picked up by Hunter and a good friend of his. We wanted to go to dinner at a wonderful Italian place, called Cafe 322, but they had just stopped serving dinner, so we ended up at Carrow's, which was still pretty good, mainly due to the company :D Afterwards, Hunter and I went back to his folks' house, and we tried to get as much sleep as possible before waking up at 5:30AM to head up north. The car was packed to the roof in the backseat and trunk, but still had a nice lot of room for both of us in the driver and passenger seats. We ended up listening to the Star Wars radio drama for most of the trip, which really made the time fly by...

We headed out early and got to Harris Ranch about 10:45 or so, just in time to still get breakfast of steak and eggs. It was absolutely fantastic tasting food. Then we headed up north again, stopping in Davis, CA to eat at the Redrum Burger with another good friend. Didn't have much, though, due to the amount of food from Harris Ranch!

We finally pulled into Redding, CA at about 6:30PM or so, dead tired of driving. It was the perfect stop. Had a pretty nice sized hotel room and got some much needed rest. Got a little food at the local Marie Callendar's and watched some 'Allo 'Allo before hitting the sack. I love that show :D

The next day was a nice easy drive actually starting at about 8am, considering the Siskiyou pass wasn't totally overloaded with snow as it had been the weekend before. Extremely pretty drive, too, with snow covered hills and wonderfully white and "nature-ific" snowy vistas. Finally into Oregon, we stopped for a bit at the Seven Feathers for a bit of gaming, then back up the 5 to Eugene, arriving around 4PM! Wouldn't want to drive that even once a year, but all-in-all it was pretty painless.

Anyway, really glad to be back, and home with my love, ready to start our lives together. Lots of planning to do, like I said, but eager to get started! I suspect it'll take a week or two before it finally sinks in that I won't be needing to take him back to the airport any time soon. :)


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