Monday, February 04, 2008

Personal excitement builds!

Hey there folks! Been a while since I've written a blog entry, so I thought I'd drop a line to let you know how things are going on my end.

Mainly, I've been super busy in RL working with Hunter on getting the house ready for the Big Move, which is taking place this next weekend. That's right, after February 9th, we'll finally be together for good, up here in Eugene. It's going to be a big change for both of us, but a definate change for the better. Hunter was just visiting last weekend, for the third (or fourth?) time, and it just feels more like home when he's there, and big and empty when he's not. Well, internally... I'm never truly alone, since I have one of my very best friends (and musical companion) renting a room and just across the hall, but my heart feels empty, and detached somehow. When Hunter is there, things just feel complete, you know? I can't really describe it, but I imagine anyone living together in a relationship will understand. It's quite a foreign feeling for me, but it's one of the best feelings I think I've experience since I was a kid.

I have to admit, it wasn't as sad an experience, getting him to the airport yesterday for the trip back to LA. Now, it feels more like he's already here, and just taking a short "business trip" away for a few days. Not the other way around. Hard to believe that I'll be winging my way down there myself in just three days! He feels the same way: Eugene just feels more like "home" than LA does. I don't think it's just the lack of furniture in his old place, either :)

We've both got our work cut out for us over these next three days, although he's got more going on than I do. Hunter's tasks involve cleaning up his old place, boxing things up, and deciding what to take/keep, and loading up the car. My responsibility is mainly getting the garage in a condition where two cars can once again park comfortably in it. Not a huge chore, as I cleaned it out already a while back, but there's still some work to do. I bought a lot of storage supplies today to start building "up" instead of "out" with the clutter that's already in the garage :D

Aside from the Second Life shows and IMs, I may not be around too much for the next week or two, as we get acclimated into our new lives together. It's going to be quite an adventure, and one I can't wait to get started on. No more will we be trying to squeeze the maximum amount of time together into two or three short days. We'll actually be able to go to bed early if we just feel like it, and not think we're wasting time during a visit.

There's plenty to do once he gets here, in terms of sorting out his boxes and clearing some room for his stuff (I think I should invest in Rubbermade, as I'll be buying quite a few of those things!), but we'll take that slow, because there's plenty of time for it all. We'll need to get a dresser for the bedroom, and another desk for his PC, as well as a breakfast table (I used to eat on my way to work or at work, but I'm going to start having actual meals in the morning before I leave... that'll be a novel concept!). A lot of this stuff won't fit into my car, so I'll need to look into renting some type of towing trailer for it (I have a trailer hitch on the back, so that should be fairly cheap).

Anyway, time to get back to work. If you'd like to contact me in Yahoo, I have it on pretty much all day, under the username "Jaycatt".


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